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FUTURE PRESENT. Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation. Contemporary Art from Classic Modernism to the Present Day
(Duration: 60 minutes or according to agreement)

What does it mean to collect art that was just created in order to present it to the public? In a wide-ranging foray through the exhibition, you will learn how the Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation has engaged with the art of the immediate present since its founding more than eighty years ago and how it continues to actively pursue this approach today.


Changing course – a look at contemporary art from the perspective of the material
(Duration: 60 minutes or according to agreement)

Grease, felt, wax, petroleum jelly, chocolate, textiles, neon tubes, steel, plastic and many other materials: artists seek out the materials best suited to the elaboration and execution of their ideas. In this guided visit, we consider works of art from the perspective of their materiality and explore the dynamic interaction of material and idea.


Translate, copy, imitate, appropriate
(Duration: 60 minutes or according to agreement)

The theme of imitation in contemporary art – how artists create new images and objects based on reality or inspired by existing models – can be explored in the exhibition by examining selected works by Peter Fischli and David Weiss, Thomas Demand, Jeff Wall, Cindy Sherman, Anri Sala and others.


Photography mirrored in art since the 1960s
(Duration: 60 minutes or according to agreement)

“I begin by not photographing”, Jeff Wall once commented in an interview. In this guided visit, we take a closer look at how artists like Hamish Fulton, Dennis Oppenheim, Cindy Sherman, Jeff Wall, Thomas Ruff and Thomas Demand have made use of the photographic medium since the 1960s and how they create new realities with photography.


Installations and large-scale works
(Duration: 60 minutes or according to agreement)

Installations enable special experiences of space and time. The familiar boundaries between the media of painting, sculpture, video, film, dance or theatre implode and become something entirely new. Together we confront installation-based situations by such artists as Bruce Nauman, Robert Gober, Fiona Tan, Katharina Fritsch or David Claerbout and probe how they seek to productively expand our sensory experiences.

Visit without an art educator

Upon prior arrangement, school classes and university groups including two accompanying adults may visit the exhibition FUTURE PRESENT at Schaulager without one of our art educators in attendance.

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All guided visits and workshops are held during opening hours. Participation is limited to a maximum group size of 20 persons. During the exhibition FUTURE PRESENT, these activities are free of charge for all schools and universities in Switzerland and abroad.

We would be glad to put together an individual guided visit or workshop for you. Let us know your preferences, themes and ideas.
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