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Katharina Fritsch (*1956) Rat King 1993 (Detail), Installation, Polyester, Color
© 2015, ProLitteris, Zurich, photo: Ursula Sprecher

The art education programme in the exhibition FUTURE PRESENT for schools and universities
The art education offerings are oriented to universities and school classes of all ages, educational levels and disciplines and are tailored to the specific level in consultation with you. We rouse the curiosity and promote a thought-provoking exchange with contemporary art. The main focus is on the shared experience of standing before the work and seeing: we look at the works, ask questions, try to decode the works, find words for our perceptions and draw connections to our own everyday life. For teachers, we offer regular exclusive introductory events. The dates are communicated ahead of time on our website and via newsletter.

What does the exhibition FUTURE PRESENT offer?
The exhibition FUTURE PRESENT is akin to a “journey through the history of 20th century art”, with art from the period of classical modernism up to the present day. With its diversity of media, materials and concepts, it offers many connections to school topics and course materials. Along with paintings, sculptures and drawings, the exhibition also features installations and photographic and video works. It also opens up a fascinating perspective on the great variety of materials, such as grease, felt, wax, petroleum jelly, chocolate, cardboard, plaster, iron, concrete, chalk, unfired clay, textiles, wood and neon tubes, with which artists develop and implement their ideas. Themes such as time, space, body, identity, language and memory can be explored in the exhibition’s many fascinating facets and discussed in-depth.

All guided visits and workshops are held during opening hours. Participation is limited to a maximum group size of 20 persons. During the exhibition FUTURE PRESENT, these activities are free of charge for all schools and universities in Switzerland and abroad. This includes the entrance tickets for all group members to the show. We would be glad to put together an individual guided visit or workshop for you. Let us know your preferences, themes and ideas.

Art Education Programme
Andreas Blättler
Tel. +41 61 335 32 26