*When the Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation published its last catalogue of the collection in 1991, there were 322 entries in the list of works. Today the collection comprises over 1,000 works and reads like a cross-section of the history of art and artistic thinking in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. *

On the occasion of the exhibition FUTURE PRESENT the new catalogue Future Present: The Collection of the Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation takes stock of the present and provides a comprehensive insight into this vast treasure trove of artistic responses to the world since the 1920s.

The catalogue of the collection details paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, photographs and video works owned by the Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation. The illustrated list of works is preceded by over eighty descriptions of works and biographies of all the artists represented in the collection. A conversation between the art historian Catherine Hürzeler and the President of the Foundation, Maja Oeri, adds a personal dimension to the Foundation’s commitment to contemporary art. Ralph Ubl, Professor of Modern Art at the University of Basel, portrays the Foundation’s collecting activities against an art-historical backdrop. Finally, this richly illustrated publication is rounded off with useful pointers to further reading.

Future Present
The Collection of the Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation
Published by the Laurenz Foundation
Schaulager Basel
776 pages, 19 × 27 cm
More than 1,000 illustrations in colour, hardback
Available in English and German
English: ISBN 978-3-906315-01-0

CHF 68.00




As the grand artistic force of creation stays on the ground of hard facts, the world history unrolls itself anew: Even thirty years after their creation the sculptures by Peter Fischli and David Weiss made from unfired clay remain a humorous mirror of knowledge, wishes/desire and everyday life.The new publication ‘Peter Fischli & David Weiss. Plötzlich diese Übersicht’ (Suddenly This Overview) gives an insight.

Having conceived their son Albert Mr and Mrs Einstein rested and slept. What else would they do? They could hardly know that they had just initiated a quantum leap in scientific thinking and had opened the door to a Nobel Prize winner. They sleep on in blissful ignorance, as unwitting as the unfired clay from which they and their simply furnished bedroom are formed.

Mr and Mrs Einstein are not alone. The artist duo Peter Fischli and David Weiss created over 350 clay figures that tell the story of humankind, describe everyday situations and tell of social and intellectual achievements in easily readable forms. The artists drew on the boundless pool of cultural memories and subjective recollection. Myths and scenes from fairytales are set out before us with the same craft skills as fragments of encyclopaedic knowledge, moments in the history of sports and scenes from the Bible. From the ‘invention of the miniskirt’ to the ‘Free market economy’ and the ‘Gotthard breakthrough’ to ‘Narcissus’ a trivial-seeming world order seeks and makes contact with the realms of metaphysics. Fischli/Weiss’ titles, with their mixture of subtle mockery and serious irony, are indispensible to any reading of their work. Now there is a new book to provide readers with an overview of the ‘Overview’. Illustrations of each scene and figure highlight the many sculptural qualities of this multipart work, stimulating and fuelling those flights of fancy that arise at the sight of any archaic-looking materials.

Peter Fischli & David Weiss
Plötzlich diese Übersicht
Published by the Laurenz Foundation
Schaulager Basel
With a commentary by Peter Fischli
392 pages + 1.20 m leaflet,
18 × 27 cm
Over 900 illustrations in colour, hardback
Available in English and German
English: ISBN 978-3-906315-03-4

CHF 59.00